Tuesday 7th December 2021, 14:00-16:45 CET

The year 2021 completed the European trilogy of structured financial reporting: Banking, Insurance and Securities.

First of all we celebrate the traditional Eurofiling Award Ceremony. Since 2012, the EuroFiling Foundation has been recognising the work of outstanding colleagues in the field of structured reporting. This year is for Anna Sciortino, our alma mater at ESEF go live

During the event, we will look at the prospects opened up by (1) the opportunities created by ESEF (3) the sustainability reporting (3) the new standards as ISO 5116 Data Point Model, xBRL-CSV and xBRL-JSON.

And finally we all take the opportunity for whish a happy, fruitful and safe year 2022 to the entire Eurofiling community!


14:00 – 14:15 Hall Of Fame

Hosted by Annemie Rombouts, Chair of the Corporate Reporting Standing Committee, ESMA.

Eurofiling Award Ceremony 2021

Anna Sciortino

ESEF go live

14:15 -15:15 ESEF opportunities

ESEF mapping tool: Presentation.
Tool (free download) and documentation at openfiling.info

  • Saskia Vennix. ERICA Chair, NBB
  • Javier G. Sainza. Tool coordinator. BdE


Early empirical evidence on ESEF Best Practices

Quality Study of 2020 Annual Reports, by Shraddha Bagul, contributed

15:15 – 15:45 Sustainability reporting

The next European challenge

15:45 -16:45 Recently approved standards

Data Point Model (DPM) as ISO 5116

How can xBRL-CSV and xBRL-JSON improve reporting?