ESEF mapping challenge

ERICA database

ERICA is a database of aggregated and harmonized accounting data of non-financial listed groups of 9 European countries, based on IFRS accounting standards. Together with the data, yearly analyses on European groups are released through specific publications. ERICA is managed by the European Committee of Central Balance Sheet Data Offices (ECCBSO).

Objective of ESEF: (……) Improved comparability of information

Annemie Rombouts, Chair, Corporate Reporting Standing Committee, ESMA, at Eurofiling ESEF today, ESG tomorrow, March 2021

Monday, 5th July 2021, 14:00-16:00 CEST
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14:00 Welcome words

(VIDEO) (slides) ERICA database and ESEF mapping

  • What is the ERICA database
  • Facing the challenge of ESEF mapping
  • Current results and future steps

Saskia Vennix. Chair, ERICA. National Bank of Belgium.
Javier González-Sainza. Member, ERICA. Bank of Spain

(VIDEO) Panel of ESEF data consumers

Saskia Vennix and Javier González-Sainza along with:
Javier de Frutos, Chair of: Commission on Financial Reporting EFRAG and Commission on Financial Reporting EFFAS.

María Mora. Board Member, XBRL International.
Yoshiaki Wada. MBA teacher, Technology Mgmt. and Finance
Open participation from the audience!

(VIDEO) (slides) Proof of concept tool: ESEF data consumption for ERICA database
Javier Mora, Technical Director, XBRL Spain.
Call for volunteers in the tool development
Ignacio Boixo, President, Open Source Association Openfiling

(VIDEO) (slides) ESEF filings & viewer at
Paul Warren. Technical Director, XBRL International.

(VIDEO) (slides) Demo on ESEF data consumption with Arelle
Herm Fischer, Author of Arelle Open Source Suite.

16:00 Adjournment

Questions? Simply e-mail to

Agenda: 11th Openfiling General Assembly

Monday 5th July 2021, 16:00 CEST, Online. Just after the Eurofiling ESEF mapping challenge.

The Eleventh General Assembly of the Openfiling association is convened, according to the Articles 8 to 11 of the OpenFiling Bylaws, in the place and date abovementioned, with the following agenda:

0.- Call for volunteers in the Proof of concept tool for ESEF data consumption on ERICA
1.- Report of the President
2.- Questions and Answers
3.- AOB